Infographic: The Best Jobs For People Who Love To Travel

Travelling and working was once a distant dream for many people, but today with the technological advancements in computers and internet connectivity it is now a realistic opportunity for many. For some the transition to becoming location independent or a digital nomad doesn’t always mean finding a new job or new type of job, it can often just mean making a new agreement with an existing employer that will benefit both parties.

But while the digital nomadic lifestyle might not be for everyone, there are still plenty of more traditional jobs that can be done around the world. If being chained to a desk for the rest of your life isn’t for you then check out this new infographic put together by De Vere Hotels to discover if your there is a job for you overseas.

For me, translation, writing and blogging are the perfect career to do wherever I go. Let me know your own ideas for combining work and travel in the comments!



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